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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vintage porcelain tea cup

Code: P006
Price per piece: 3 pcs SOLD 21/4/11 (pls inquire for new stocks ).  
Dimensions: H5cm x D7.5cm x wt.93gm x capacity appx.75ml
Type: Vintage porcelain tea cup possibly more than 100 years old. Each 
      one is different and hand drawn. Design appeared to be of the folk
      kiln type (for ordinary folks and not official use). Interior 

      marked as Daoguang year. 
Comments: A very nice antique-feel chinese tea cup. Porcelain analysis 
         revealed many dead and punctured bubbles. Imagine the pleasure
         drinking your tea from this very old tea cup. I use 1 too for
         drinking my tea.

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