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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Parker 17 Super Duofold Ca.1962

Code: PE025
Type: Parker 17 super duofold was introduced in 1962,England and continued until 1972. Barrel finished in black with gold trims and deep cap ring.Measuring 13cm long with B Nib 14k gold and aerometric squeeze filler.Reference here.
Condition: Extremely fine condition with clear chalk marks on barrel.Writes and sign smoothly.
Price: RM250

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vintage 1970's Medium Size Plates With Floral Motif

Having another small batch of vintage porcelain plates for cleaning has always been a pleasure any collector would vouch. It has always been the hunting, selecting, cleaning and cataloguing that provides all the fun. Plates that had been left untouched for the past 40 years in some corners of a building are always filled with dirt and lined with thicker corrugated cards. They were easily cleaned up after some soaking in water. All specks and clean after a quick bath and wash.

Code: P025
Price Per piece: RM80 
Type: Vintage 1970's medium size plates with floral motif and yellow background. Made in Jingdezhen, China mainly for the export market. Markings can be checked here.
Dimensions: D23cm x Wt.420gm

Vintage 1970's Medium Size Plates With Dragon & Phoenix Motif & Gold Outlines

Same as batch P025, they were cleaned up and turned out nicely without any chips or minor breakages. There must be little secrets in selecting dirt covered vintages and one has to take some risk.

Code: P026
Price per piece: RM80
Type: 1970's medium size plates with dragon and phoenix motif in famille verte style and design. Made in JDZ, China ca 1970 for the export market. Markings can be confirmed here.
Dimensions:D23cm x Wt.500gm

Ceramic Bowl With Turquoise Ice-Flakes Glaze

Code: P023
Price per piece: RM45  Only 2 pieces available.
Type: Turquoise tea bowl with ice-flakes glazes.
Condition: New

Comments: Interesting greenish colouration with ice-flake glazes suitable for chinese tea or for deco.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Porcelain Tea Cups With Ru Kiln Crackled Powdered Green Glaze

Code: P021
Price per piece: RM25
Type: Chinese Tea Cups in Sunflower shape with Ru Kiln Powdered Green Crackled Glaze.Made in Taiwan.
Dimensions: H4cm x D7cm x Wt.70gm x Capacity 50ml
Condition: All New without any stain or dirt.
Comments: This cup is also made from the Ru Kiln type of glaze which I have commented in the previous 2 Gaiwans. They are just so simple and elegant to use in your tea drinking sessions. The natural crackled glaze may develop into beautiful crackled veins after some tea drinking sessions which made it very personal and seasoned to anyone who owns it. Just enjoy the simple pleasure.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gaiwan/Gaibei With Crackled Ru Kiln Powdered Jade Green Glaze

Stained crackled veins

Code: P020
Price: RM130
Type: Gaiwan with Ru kiln type of powdered jade green crakled glaze.Simple yet elegant color and shape.

Dimensions: H6cm x Capacity 125ml x Wt.300 (incl.cup,cover & base plate)

Condition: New. Made in Taiwan
Comments: Similar to PE019 with different shape. Please read comments in PE019
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