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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gaiwan/Gaibei With Crackled Ru Kiln Clear Cyan Blue Glaze

Code: P019
Price: RM130
Type: Gaiwan - Sunflower shape with Ru kiln type of light sky blue glaze. Ice vein crackled in glaze. Made in Taiwan. 

Dimensions: H6.5cm x Capacity 150ml x Wt.300 (cup, cover & base plate)

Condition: New
Comments: Ru kiln was one of the finest kiln known in old Northern Song dynasty China. Wares made from the Ru kiln were known to be of the highest quality and specially made for the palace and its official's daily use only.

The gaiwan here uses the same type of glaze that was once used in the Ru kiln. Firing temperature is said to be very complicated and must be meticulously controlled and monitored and only small items can be fired.

This gaiwan is one of the higher quality type available beside other brands with differences in their prices.Many tea connoisseurs enjoy drinking tea from this type of gaiwan claiming much smoother aftertaste or level of astringency as compared to using other types of gaiwan or tea cups.
The overglaze has ice vein crackles and hence will develop into beautiful stained(from tea) crackles resembling golden veins or spider web strands. A very elegant and solid piece of ware. 

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