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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vintage Chinese Porcelain Blue & White Tea Cup For Viewing Only

Code: P017
The tea cup here appears old and it is challenging to determine its age from the shape, motif used, contemporary style, bubble analysis,the types of blue glaze and which kiln, methodology of kiln burning used etc. Wow, such a long list of things to know but surely you have to read up a lot before venturing into chinese porcelain.
Collecting smaller porcelain items is a good start into this challenging area.Each item can easily prompt you to further your research into the respective kiln and dynasty period and before long one can have a good grasp of the type of porcelain produced from each period.
Since there are so many types of porcelain ware, it is recommended to focus on certain types that are appealing to you or possibly those that you can use or see them in your daily use. 
Further down the road, one can focus deeper into it by analysing their motif for each period, their style and glaze used and so forth. The internet is a good place to do your preliminary research though most of them are in mandarin. I am still learning about all there is to learn about porcelain and enjoying it every minute. I hope you can enjoy them too. Cheers!

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