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Friday, November 12, 2010

Porcelain Tea Cups With Ru Kiln Crackled Powdered Green Glaze

Code: P021
Price per piece: RM25
Type: Chinese Tea Cups in Sunflower shape with Ru Kiln Powdered Green Crackled Glaze.Made in Taiwan.
Dimensions: H4cm x D7cm x Wt.70gm x Capacity 50ml
Condition: All New without any stain or dirt.
Comments: This cup is also made from the Ru Kiln type of glaze which I have commented in the previous 2 Gaiwans. They are just so simple and elegant to use in your tea drinking sessions. The natural crackled glaze may develop into beautiful crackled veins after some tea drinking sessions which made it very personal and seasoned to anyone who owns it. Just enjoy the simple pleasure.

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