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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chinese tea cups with nebular and golden sand glaze

Code: P003
Price per piece:RM30

Type: Chinese tea cups with nebular-like and gold
      sand glaze.New stock from Taiwan.
Dimension:  D6.5cm x H3.5cm x 52gm x 50ml
Comments: A nice addition to your chinese tea cups collections. The glaze is unique and each is different. High quality cups for drinking pleasure.   Only 6 pieces available for sale here.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Porcelain Plate: Famille rose type 1970s

Code: P002
Price per piece: RM100
Dimension: D27cm x 650gm
Type: Yellow famille rose type 1970s. Made in China
Comments: A nice new old stock plate. Only 1 
          available for sale. Markings can be traced here.

Gaiwan: 1980s famille rose type gaiwan


Price/piece: SOLD 21/04/2011

Type: Gaiwan with hand drawn yellow famille rose pattern 1980s. Produced in jingdezhen,China for export markets.

Dimension of cup: H6cm x D9cm x 140ml x 120gm

Comments: A pretty gaiwan for those who are drinking chinese tea or have a feel of the 'gung-fu' style. Only 1 piece for sale at the moment. New old stock, unused with no stain in interior of cup.

Terms & Condition of Sales

Terms and condition of sales

 All the terms and condition listed herein shall apply if any sales are finalised and confirmed. Please read these terms carefully before making any confirmation.

  1. All items sold are not returnable and considered completed once the item/s are being sent out.
  2. Total cost of items shall include Item/s cost + Packing Material + Shipping Charges. Item cost is as per listed. Packing material is standard and may cost between RM3-RM5 and normally involve bigger and bulky items. Sometimes they are even FOC. Currency notes are light hence only postage shall be charged. Shippingpostage charges can be estimated here from our local postal office (www.pos.com.my) unless stated otherwise. No profit is intended to be made from shipping or packing material.For international shipping, airmail registered is recommended. Insurance is optional.
  3. Items shall be sent out as soon as possible upon receipt of payment on any business day.
  4. Once item/s are being sent out, seller shall not be responsible for any lost items or breakage.However, all items are properly bubble-wrapped to ensure maximum protection and postal safety. 
  5. Any postal receipts or ref numbers for sent items shall be communicated to the buyer via emails.Photographs of items, before and after packed, shall be communicated to buyer after sending.
  6. Will ship international except prohibited by Malaysia or otherwise countries deemed unsuitable for international postal delivery.
  7. Payment by pay pal can be accepted via my 100% credible and trusted ebay account. 
  8. Email me for any questions related to all the itmes listed here.Or quick communication or questions can be done via the cbox here. 
Thank you.

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